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5 For Friday: Cooking on the Go

Welcome to another installment of Five for Friday!

Each week on Friday we will be highlighting a group of 5 products that will make your prepper arsenal that much stronger. We will be covering a different category each week and speak to how the products work together to give you a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We try to list these five items so they have multiple uses and can help your everyday life on top of your prepping.

Today we are focusing on cooking on the go.

I will preface todays 5 for Friday by saying that I don’t own any of the products below yet, so I can’t speak to their performance, only their reputation. They are all on my wish list though!

1. MSR Pocket Rocket

Heralded by most as the “go to” rocket stove, the MSR packs quite a heat punch for micro portable stoves. It weighs three ounces and comes in at only 4″x2″x2″! The manufacturer claim is that it boils one liter water in 3.5 minutes, but of course that is subject to weather conditions. In real world outdoor scenarios I have heard closer to four minutes. The MSR comes with a small plastic case to keep it safe and tri-sectional wind deflector. The only downside to a speciality stove like the Pocket Rocket is the specialty fuel it uses, called IsoPro. While these fuel canisters are very common in the camping/hiking/sporting goods stores, it is not something I would depend on in a long term emergency scenario.

2. Volcano II Collapsible

The Volcano is something that really caught my eye the first time I saw it. It is super versatile for emergency scenarios because it is a tri-fuel stove. It can use propane (burner & regulator included), wood, or charcoal. I bet in a punch you could throw some trioxane in there too! Given its 26lb curb weight, this is definitely not for the backpacker. The collapsibility to 5″ tall by 19″ round and a cool little carry case makes it very storable on a shelf or in the attic. With the simplicity of using wood or charcoal fuels, I wouldn’t hesitate to throw this into a large bug out kit.

3. GSI Halulite Ketalist

A kettle may not be the firs thing you think of having with you on a hiking trip or even in an emergency, but honestly, how are you going to make your coffee! The simple luxuries like coffee can make other crappy situations a bit more tolerable. The GSI got two thumbs up by Nutnfancy which as many of you know is a trusted resource for me. Its made of lightweight anodized aluminum and is stackable as most portable mess kits are. The one very high plus that I have hard about this set is its durability, and at 11.1 oz, its pretty light weight too.

4. Emergency Zone Aluminum Mess Kit

Having a couple stoves is great, but what are you gonna cook in, a tin can? Having a portable pot set or “mess kit” is a necessity especially when cooking items you have hunted or foraged. For the budget conscious, the Emergency Zone Mess Kit comes a bit of goodies. Bowls, spoons and cups are all included, even a cleaning sponge. For weight’s sake I may recommend pulling out some of the redundancy and eating directly out of the pot, but if you have two people it would be nice to keep the set full.

5. Coghlans Emergency Stove

Ok. I lied a bit in the disclaimer at the top. I do own this one item. It is in my 72 hour kit at all times and is a great little compact and lightweight way of ensuring Ill be able to cook something on the go if I need to. The stove keeps four trioxane tabs stored inside when folded up. All you do is unfold the two sides, pop a trioxane tab in the middle, light it up and set your pot on top. It is actually pretty sturdy and is just enough to get a cup of water up to a boil. A great entry level piece for your emergency kit!


Its your turn!

What’s your favorite way to cook while camping or backpacking? Is weight your first deciding factor? Share your comments below.

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