5 for Friday

5 For Friday: Lighting

Welcome to another installment of Five for Friday!

Each week on Friday we will be highlighting a group of 5 products that will make your prepper arsenal that much stronger. We will be covering a different category each week and speak to how the products work together to give you a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We try to list these five items so they have multiple uses and can help your everyday life on top of your prepping.

Today we are focusing on emergency lighting.

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Water Heater Snafu

Wow, living without life’s lovely amenities really does suck!

It was a brisk Saturday morning and everyone in the house was ready to get up and make some breakfast, some of us preparing for work…but what’s this now? NO HOT WATER!!?!!

Yep! reality of a technological hiccup strikes us.

To be honest, I have had some troubles with our tankless water heater lately. It was being fussy about firing up when it was extra wet outside. I attributed it to condensation and failing gaskets (its about 6 years old as of now). A couple months prior, my dad was good enough to help me seal the front lid up. I was really hoping this would have solved the problem. Alas, failure was immanent. Read more