5 for Friday

5 For Friday: Water Filtering

Welcome to another installment of Five for Friday!

Each week on Friday we will be highlighting a group of 5 products that will make your prepper arsenal that much stronger. We will be covering a different category each week and speak to how the products work together to give you a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We try to list these five items so they have multiple uses and can help your everyday life on top of your prepping.

Today we are focusing on water filtering.

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55 Gallon Water Barrels

Inexpensive Water Storage

You don’t have to be a prepper to know that water is one of the three key ingredients to human life. Even with this fact known, so much of the population takes it completely for granted.

You flip on the faucet and water pours out, pretty simple right? Sure it’s simple for you as the consumer, but the back end process for pumping, clarifying, sterilizing and storing that water is a hugely complicated task. In the event of a disaster, that whole process is reliant on you. If you think ahead, you can cut out most of those treatment steps and skip just to water storage.

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