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Food Storage: First Steps

Where do you start with food storage? Well for us it really started with cost. I knew that long term storage foods were not the kind of things we wanted to rotate into our daily lives. So this food would really only be used in an emergency scenario. We follow a Paleo lifestyle and freshness is key. Freeze dried, packaged anything goes against everything the two of us think of as nutritious food. Since I was making an investment into something we would not be rotating and wouldn’t normally eat in a day to day scenario, I wanted food that would last the investment.

Our first step was to make that initial purchase of freeze dried food to at least get us past the 30 day mark. I decided to go with My Patriot Supply who is a dealer of eFoodsDirect. There were two main reasons for picking the eFoods products, they provided gluten free options. Like I said before this is not the kind of food we eat on a daily basis. Gluten is one thing we avoid like the plague on a Paleo diet. I knew that if we were suddenly introduced to gluten containing foods during an emergency, it would only compound the disaster rather than alleviate it. One downside with the eFoods products, however, is that they only are available in TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) which means “no real meat”. I wasn’t thrilled about this, but I was ok with it.

I knew my plan would have to broaden a bit. Since the eFoods products didn’t have any meat and were pretty low in fat, I needed to supplement these supplies. I purchased some #10 cans of freeze dried meat from Honeyville Farms that could be used to mix in with the eFoods packets or used independently for some home made dishes. As a side note, Honeyville Farms also makes some fantastic crystalized eggs which hydrate into a more appetizing dish than powdered eggs. Costco also sells the Thrive brand of freeze dried food and I have heard very good things about the quality of these products. I may add some here and there in the future.

I have already mentioned being Paleo a couple times. If you are familiar with the diet, you must be saying right now “what are you, crazy? what about fresh meat, fat and vegetable options?”. You are absolutely right. These first couple steps were really that, I wanted something right now that would sustain us for 30 days just in case an earthquake struck tomorrow. We could live off these foods even if we didn’t necessarily thrive on them. Since the initial investment of the freeze dried food, I have added large tubs of coconut oil from Costco, 50lb bags of white rice, and coconut sugar as well as salt. If you have read over some of the other aquaponics posts on the site, you know that I am also working on a self sustaining vegetable garden and fish farm. 

As the title says, these are first steps. I will be updating you on all the preparations we take to increase our food storage and what some of our other authors are doing with their own food and water preps.

Its your turn!

What steps have you taken in food preparation? Are you sticking to long-term freeze dried food or branching out to gardens and seed storage? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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