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New Medical, Tactical & Preparedness Classes!

Our friends over at NorCal MedTac are at it again with a whole new round of medical, tactical and preparedness training classes. If you are not familiar with NorCal MedTac yet, get on over to their website and check them out,

I have had the pleasure of taking both Defensive Medicine 101 and Defensive Shotgun 101. Brannon, Stephen and Bob do a fantastic job making the classes fun for everyone and a great learning experience for all ages and genders. You’ll find me attending Pepper Spray and Urban Survival this month.

When you book with NorCal MedTac, let them know you heard about them from Santa Cruz Survivors!


Defensive Medicine 101:

Defensive Medicine 101 is a one-day, eight (8) hour course which discusses the most common sources of death in a defensive environment. If you have spent your time and money on courses to defend yourself come spend some time with us learning the skills that you are much more likely to need to save the life of yourself, your family, or your friends and neighbors. Course is divided up into lecture and hands-on application. More Details >>

July 21st @ 08:00-17:00

Pepper Spray- Sabre Personal Safety Academy:

A three (3) hour  class designed to give you the tools necessary to deter and defend against an attack. More Details >>

July 25th @ 18:00-20:00

Urban Survival/Disaster Preparedness:

In today’s crowded and unpredictable living areas it is more important than ever to have a plan when our normal systems break down.  Urban Survival is a two hour lecture on developing a system that works for you, your family, and your friends to be prepared for the first day of that disaster whether local or catastrophic. More Details >>

July 27th @ 18:00-20:00

Defensive Pistol 101:

Defensive Pistol 101 is our introductory course to using a pistol in anything more than a bench rest environment. This is a one-day class that covers basic gun safety and handling. Topics included are; drawing from a holster and engaging threats, reloads, and malfunction clearances. Lectures will include safety, mindset and basic legal concepts. More Details >>

August 4th @ 08:00-17:00

Defensive Shotgun 101:

Defensive Shotgun 101 is a one-day, eight (8) hour course designed to give students the fundamentals of operating their shotgun in closer (25 yards and in) defensive engagements. Students will gain a solid understanding of reloads, malfunction clearances, and weapon transitions, ammunition selection (positive and negatives). Defensive Shotgun 101 will focus on home and close up engagements with cover vs. concealment, ballistics, and shoot vs. non-shoot being discussed and drilled on. More Details >>

August 11th @ 08:00-17:00




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