Red Cross Volunteer

Community Involvement

On mentality that a lot of preppers can get stuck in is that its all about them and their family. Everyone else fan fend for themselves right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. One of the biggest parts of the survival mentality should be to always extend your hand to those in need. Now I’m certainly not saying open up your doors wide and let your neighbors eat you out of house and home, but community involvement is something that you should have a plan for. As you develop your skills as a survivor, you will undoubtedly gain knowledge that could help a lot of people in a disaster scenario.

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More Posts Coming!

Its been a busy couple of weeks! Additional work has been done on the Aquaponics system as well as adding a whole lot more fish! We also have a backlog of posts on a bunch of new topics. You’ll see some of these posts start pouring in over the next week or so. Stay close, we have some great stuff in store for you! Read more

5 for Friday

5 For Friday: Water Filtering

Welcome to another installment of Five for Friday!

Each week on Friday we will be highlighting a group of 5 products that will make your prepper arsenal that much stronger. We will be covering a different category each week and speak to how the products work together to give you a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We try to list these five items so they have multiple uses and can help your everyday life on top of your prepping.

Today we are focusing on water filtering.

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BSFL Harvester

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Harvester

New experiment time!

As those of you regulars know, I began building an aquaponics system to tie in with my existing koi pond. With the build mostly completed and the plants doing their growing thing that they do, it was time to do a minor shift to putting some attention to the fish and populating the pond. I have been in contact with a local aquaponics company called Fishnet Aquaponics who not only sells equipment, fish and supplies, but apparently does a whole line of permaculture and aquaculture training classes. I am consulting with them to find out which fish would be the best for my area of Santa Cruz and the size of my pond.

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Finished Product

Pressure Canning Corned Beef

When we talk about canning, most of us think about our grandma canning jams and vegetables from the garden back in the day. Well from the perspective of someone who is trying to become more self-sufficient and prepared for a possible earthquake or catastrophe, canning is one way to prepare.  Also, it’s fun and gives you a real sense of accomplishment.  I recently discovered raw packed canning.  It is by far the easiest method of canning. Raw packing does not require water or broth. It will make its own broth while cooking.

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