Water Heater Snafu

Wow, living without life’s lovely amenities really does suck!

It was a brisk Saturday morning and everyone in the house was ready to get up and make some breakfast, some of us preparing for work…but what’s this now? NO HOT WATER!!?!!

Yep! reality of a technological hiccup strikes us.

To be honest, I have had some troubles with our tankless water heater lately. It was being fussy about firing up when it was extra wet outside. I attributed it to condensation and failing gaskets (its about 6 years old as of now). A couple months prior, my dad was good enough to help me seal the front lid up. I was really hoping this would have solved the problem. Alas, failure was immanent. Read more

My Aquaponics Plans

Its funny how you get turned on to new things. Today while doing a little research on raised gardens I stumbled upon aquaponics and have been completely addicted to watching how-to videos on YouTube. Its a pretty easy concept.

You make a hydroponics garden (planting in rock media and water) and then put it in loop with a fish pond. The fish fertilize the plants and the plants clarify the water. For me, even if the fish growing part is a total bust, I am confident I can grow some pretty amazingly delicious veggies and fruit. Stay tuned for more posts while my system comes together.

In the mean time check out some of these great YouTube videos I stumbled upon!


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Order of Probability

Don’t forget to think about and prepare by “Order of probability “

A lot of preppers get pretty obsessed with the whole doomsday scenario sort of incidents. Sure, there may be a huge terrorist attack, or the nuclear plant near you might melt down, but isn’t it more likely that you could get in a car accident or may witness one? Maybe the power goes out at your home for a solid week. Wouldn’t those scenarios be the ones to prepare for first? You’ll probably find that preparing for those is much cheaper too! Yes you can prep on a budget.

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Food Storage a la Nutnfancy

It’s hard to put a concept into words better than nutnfancy does. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching his videos before, be sure to give this food storage series a watch and subscribe to his channel! He fights the good fight.

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